Core Values

Treat each person with dignity and respect.

This means: seeking first to understand the other person. Practicing active listening. Avoid labels. Bringing out the best in each person. Making courtesies and kindness a part of all interactions. Practicing loyalty to those who are absent. Withholding criticism until you have “walked in their shoes” of the other person. Affirming each person’s unique talents, interests and values.

Make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

This means: empowering, involving, encouraging, supporting, inspiring and recognizing each person. Being determined to make a positive impact on each person. Thoughtfully planning your actions. Thinking and communicating inclusion. Readily extending trust. Being partners. Managing risks. Increasing knowledge about possibilities and alternatives. Believing in each person. Providing assistance with integrity.

Continually improve—forever.

This means: always looking for ways to do better, be more efficient, be more effective, to make an even bigger difference. Honoring the creative process. Have a high tolerance for ambiguity. Being incessantly curious about the way things work. Encourage learning, diverse opinions and open disagreement. Actively work to decrease fear and anxiety. Be a learner. Share what you learn.

Adapt, overcome, improvise.

This means: finding a way when it doesn’t seem possible. Practicing creative and patient persistence. Doing what it takes. Being smarter. Working smarter. Being a responsible risk taker. Creating an atmosphere that encourages risk and innovation. Having a sense of humor. Not taking yourself too seriously.