Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to consistently improve the employment opportunities, home environments, and community connections of individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses who need substantial supports, so that their independence and self-worth are enhanced and the community in which they live and work realizes the benefits of their citizenship.

Our beliefs

  • Have a stable home of their choice.
  • Be employed in rewarding jobs with benefits, growth opportunities, fair wages and flexible schedules.
  • Determine their service and define what improve means for them.
  • Experience discreet, non-intrusive, individualized supports of their choice.
  • Be good neighbors who actively participate in their community and belong to community clubs, associations, leagues etc.
  • Have access for affordable, accessible, and flexible transportation.
  • Have opportunities to return to their roots (village, family, etc.).
  • To experience community acceptance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Be respected and heard.
  • Have a reputation and identify free from the human service system.
  • Make their own decisions based on informed decisions.
  • Be seen as givers/contributors to the community.
  • Be self advocates—network with each other for support.
  • Experience a sense of confidence and empowerment and control.
  • Have a variety of friends. 
  • Understand the obligation of service providers and expect it to be fulfilled.
  • Get only the services they request.