These individuals or entities have made a financial or significant in-kind
donation to help Assets fulfill our mission

Lesa Allen Harry Kachlne Jordan Montoure
Ann Anderson Llarry Kelone Maryland Panigeo
Tynesha Delaney Brandi Kirk Ronald Panigeo
Thomas Greenberg Teresa Lundy Janna Preston
Amber Jay Josephine McDonald Linda Rabideau
Matthew Jones Jerelyn Miashiro Desiree Thurman
Elizabeth Kachline Parker, Smiht and Feek Marti Romero PhD
Employment Champions
These private employers have made the decision to hire people with disabilities.
Body Renew-Grass Creek Lowes-Tudor New Sagaya
Carrs-Huffman MQC Enterprises Best Buy
Carrs-Muldoon True Value AK Rock Gym
Carrs-Abbott Jewel Lake Villa Body Renew-E. NL Blvd
Century 16 Yogurt Lounge House of Bread
MQC Mayfield's Cleaners Unique Machines Campfire
Red Robin-Dimond Red Robin - Tikahtnu  
Government and private entities
These agencies and companies have contracted with Assets to provide needed
services and allow Assets to employ over 140 individuals with disabilities.
Dept. of Defense - Wilderness Inn Dining Facility GSA - Federal Court House
Dept. of Defense - Postal Service Center State of AK - Nesbett Court House
Dept. of Defense - Commissary Providence Hospital
D.O.T. Ted Stevens International Airport Serendipity Adult Daycare
CPD Stone Soup Group